Aubrac cattle Ireland


Aubrac cattle have been providing us with consistent results for over 19 years.
Consistency in docility, milk, ease of calving, lively calves, good growth rate and feed conversion. Cows can milk well off grass, hay or silage, they do not need meal. Fertility, longevity, and calving interval are good. They are low cost cattle that are pleasant and easy to work with. Aubrac suit our system of farming which is not intensive but as we are full time farmers the profit has to be enough to sustain the family and keep on investing in the farm. With Aubrac cattle, we can do that.  We are not interested in shows but look for an efficient suckler cow. The Aubrac we have for sale tend to sell well, be it selected heifers and bulls for breeding, or Aubrac bulls or bullocks for finishing. A few cherry picked pure bred Aubrac bulls are sold each year for pedigree breeding or to go on suckler or dairy cows. 19 years down the road, and with 70 pure-bred in-calf Aubrac cows, we can back what we say with figures. If you wish to find out more, please keep reading.

Why we chose Aubrac

The Aubrac breed is an efficient low cost good return cattle breed. At the end of the day, if a cow can provide the farmer with a lesser workload and more money left in his pocket, why not? Click to read more on: why chose aubrac

Herd Management

Everything is kept as simple as possible, efficient and comfortable to work with for man and beast. Quiet, happy, healthy animals deliver better results. Click to read more on: Herd Management

Selecting Aubracs for breeding

The herd was established in 1996 and since that we have made every effort to increase our knowledge of the Aubrac breed and blood lines and in conjunction with performance results this has helped us to keep on improving the quality of our stock. Click to read more on: Selecting Aubracs for breeding

Maternal Beef Breeding Program, Herd Plus

We have been in Herd-Plus for years and find it great to follow the performance of our cattle including some that have been sold. We joined the Maternal Beef Breeding Program in 2013.

Aubrac facts and figures

                Killout figures

                Weight recording figures

                Farm results (ICBF)

Contact with France

Numerous visits to France and regular contact with French breeders have helped us to keep up to date with up-coming AI bulls, maternal blood lines ect…