Why Choose Aubrac.

History of the herd.


We were looking for a medium size, efficient and economical suckler cow that could produce a good calf at minimum cost. Having done some research on different breeds, we settled on Aubrac. In 1996 we imported our first 6 maiden heifers from France and continued to import a certain number of animals every year. We now run a closed herd, buying only stock bulls. In 2015 we will be calving 70 pedigree registered cows. We have opted for the pedigree animal because of the extra sale value of some of the stock compared with the value of the same animal as a commercial (breeding heifers and bulls). The extra cost of registering an animal as pedigree is relatively small compared with the added value. The pure bred animals not considered good enough to be kept for pedigree breeding still reach a good price as commercials with very little input (selection has to be very strict to maintain top quality). One of the strong points of the Aubrac is that the herd can be run on a commercial basis keeping all costs down. There is no preferential treatment, no pampering, all animals are treated the same and those who don’t perform for a reason or another (lack of milk, temperament,…) are culled. The emphasis is put on cost/results efficiency.